successful leaders not limited by leadership styles


1-why might an autocratic style be suitable for certain organizations?
2- why do you think google has a free-rein style of leadership?
3- what are the similarities that many successful share despite differences in leadership style?

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The focus of this essay is to discuss three key issues: why an autocratic style may be suitable for certain organizations, why Google has a free-rein style of leadership, and the similarities shared by many successful leaders despite differences in leadership style. To begin with, under autocratic style of leadership the leader yields all the powers in decision-making process. It is often effective in situations that demand quick decision-making where the leader decides on behalf of the entire group.  This style of leadership is usually suitable in organizations that do not value suggestions or initiatives from juniors.  The leader in such organizations set goals without consulting the subordinates; subordinates are expected to adhere to orders given by the leader without questioning.