Subway Restaurant


Marking Criteria


  1. Evidence you understand the material on your selected topics and can explain the implications of this and your research for Subway restaurant, its CEO, other staff, or competitors, etc. (50%)
  2. Ability to communicate effectively through writing (15%)
  3. Appropriate acknowledgement of ideas you have read elsewhere (15%)
  4. Correctness of writing, ie grammar, punctuation, referencing, and so on (15%)
  5. Conformity to the style and format guidelines specified in the




Up to 2,500 words excluding any additional items such as coverpage, references, appendices, etc.




Choose relevant research sources about the business media and/or an annual report about the Subway restaurant?


Which two or three topics from the list below are most crucial to the future of Subway restaurant? Why?




Managing in a global environment

Managing change and/or diversity

Managing people

Managing information



If you are having difficulty getting media material about your organisation, consider using an article about its industry. For example, if you have been allocated a shoe store, consider the shoe industry in general, and the retail industry.

Use the mentor assignment and marking guide, as before.

Use a coversheet, as for assignment1.

Feel free to make LIMITED use of the insights you achieved in assignments 1 and 2, and the insights of other students who worked on the same organization as you.

As before, ensure this is a genuinely new assignment.

To avoid possible penalties for plagiarism, be sure reference any material you used earlier or which is sourced from elsewhere, including from other students’ work.



Sunway Restaurant is a franchise located in the United States of America and focuses on selling submarine sandwiches as well as salads. This restaurant is owned by Doctor’s Associates Inc and operates under the same ownership. Subway Restaurant is a multinational corporation operating in more than 100 countries and territories. Additionally, this company has more than 36,804 restaurants located across the world. Subway Restaurant is ranked as the second largest restaurant operating internationally after Yum Brands (Randall & Randall, 2011). This company is located in Milford, Connecticut in the United States. In Europe, the company’s offices are located at Amsterdam, Netherland. It should be noted that this company has been very successful in the international markets because of its innovative employees. The company’s menu varies from one country to the other because of the differences in national cultures (Walker, 2007). For instance, there are some food products that are edible in Christian dominated countries but not edible in Muslim dominated countries. Subway Restaurant has been able to serve people both in the United States and the whole world with high quality food hence improving its competitive advantage (Schlosser, 2001).