Study Plan


please use fight crime: invest in kids california

A.Description of problem area, including the population affected and specific needs
B. Identification of organization and leader(s), professional(s) addressing this problem and schedule of interviews and field observations and activities, please explain how interviews and observations will take up six hours of time
C. Bibliography of academia/research references and other resources (media, community, governmental and non-governmental organizations) that will inform the analysis in the final paper
D. Plan for the final paper, including an outline of main sections and responsibilities; explain topics of final paper include: description of the problem, theoretical analysis, description of the advocacy or social action and organization under study, summary of your activities with the organization, evaluation of the advocacy action’s effectiveness


Problem and Problem Area Description

The main population that will be addressed by this study is the children.  Due to the changing social dynamism, there has been an increased in the number of children who are engaging in antisocial behaviors. All over the country, crime report data shows an increasing number of children, even below the age of ten years, who are engaging in antisocial behaviors.  The specific needs of this population is not necessarily putting them away from their families in incarceration facilities but rather facilitating behavior change to ensure that fewer of them are engaging in criminal related behaviors. An early intervention is important in helping to keep kids away from crimes as they grow.