Strategy Implementation


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Foods, March 2009. This article outlines the pertinent cultural issues for Kraft Foods. A code of conduct is one of the most important aspects of organizational culture because it outlines how the employees are expected to behave, relate, resolve conflict, and overall conduct business for the organization. The article outlines the main rules and regulations that any employee working for Kraft Foods is supposed to observe.  The code of conduct outlines ten rules that employees are supposed to adhere to. The ten rules are more of an ethical guideline on how employees should conduct themselves when working for the company and how they should interact with others. This is one of the most credible sources because it outlines important cultural aspect of the organization and has been signed by Kraft Foods’ CEO.  The credibility of the information contained cannot be disputed because it is from the company. In addition, the information contained is reliable because it has been signed by the CEO. Therefore, this is an accurate source of important facts about the culture of the organization outlining the ethical guidelines that forms the fabric of the culture.