Strategic Recruitment and Selection


Most organizations find themselves in a flurry of recruiting activity after determining a need or having a job opening. Others often find that their recruiting efforts are not really recruiting at all but rather sorting of all resumes. Organizations that recognize the need for change, plan on growth and development, and prepare a strategic recruiting plan seem to be those that are most ready to thrive during times of economic uncertainty. After reading the Millmore (2003) study on strategic recruiting in Ireland , provide a critical analysis of the article to include: – How does this article compare with your own organizations current strategic recruiting practices – Discuss how you might implement the findings of this study into your organizations strategic plan for recruiting individuals. – Does the articles conclusions seem sound based on your own experience?


This article delves into the emerging trend in human resource management where the functions of the HRM have come to be accepted as integral part of organizational growth and development. The narrative in human resource management has seen the integration of HRM activities as a part of the overall strategic planning in the organization giving rise to the concept of strategic human resource management.  The recent trend has seen the strategically driven recruitment and selection that is not only based on the current needs of the organization but also on the future needs.