Strategic marketing


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The launch of Barista Bros in the Australian beverage market is an indication that Coca Cola has effectively managed its corporate resources. Resources are considered as the foundation for a strategy and a company with more strategies is more competitive in the market. The success of Barista Bros in the Australian is as a result of the company’s unparalleled human resources, effective distribution channels, strategic alliances, and technology (Friedlob, Schleifer & Plewa 2002). In terms of human resources, the presence of skilled and determined workers has influenced the success of the company and its performance. This resource will also influence the new strategic business unit (SBU). The senior management is very skilled and has values that affect the operations of the company. For instance, the skills and values of senior management enables it to form strategic alliances with third party carriers such as supermarkets. The company has a corporate culture embedded in innovation. This helps in product development. The relevant stakeholders include; employees, the government, suppliers and distributors. Suppliers ensure that the company gets raw materials such as glucose and coffee while distributors help in the distribution of the product. The SBU has over 14,900 employees who are well skilled and trained. In terms of distribution channels, the SBU has a vast and complex distribution network which would enable easy and cheap distribution of their product (Meek, Palmer & Parkinson 2008). This would increase the SBU’s competitive advantage and competitiveness in the market.