strategic marketing project


it’s about a supermarket called ‘shaheen’ that is famous in abu dhabi that established since 1985 they are retailers that sell clothes, food and many more supermarket products, they have a restaurant and four branches, the most famous is in an area called ‘AlBateen’ and the other three are in areas like ‘Bani yas’, ‘Al wathba’, ‘Al Khaldiya’. Most people that visit Shaheen supermarket buy vegetables, rice and other food products.



This document is about one of the recently opened superstores known as Shaheen supermarket, which was established long after the emergence of Sainsbury’s supermarket together with other superstores. Since its establishment in Abu Dhabi in the year 1985, Shaheen supermarket has been one of the major supermarkets that conduct retail business in selling clothes, foods as well as other supermarket products. Basically the superstore has one restaurant and four branches. However the most famous branch is found in Al Bateen and the remaining three branches are in Al khaldiya, Baniyas and al Nahda. However, the supermarket has shown positive growth signified with yearly expansion of its branches even across the borders. Therefore this document presents a business a three years’ plan to be adopted by the company so as to reach and achieve its fundamental business goals of becoming one of the best chain store in Middle East and beyond together with provision of exceptional services to their clients, suppliers and associated business partners (Shaheen Supermarket, 2010).