Assignment Question/Topic:
1. Main strategic issues which the management has to address (these issues should be identified based on company background information)
In this section you should provide a brief outline of the company, what it does and how it has developed, and any other information you consider relevant to understanding the current situation. The outcome of this section is to identify main strategic issues (e.g., see main strategic issues given you in each of the three projects – in Italic – for your preparation and class discussion). 1,500 Words & 13 References Minimum, at least six (6) academic journals articles, three (3) books and four (4) web sites must be used. *Please use Chicago Author-Date 16th edition for referencing style*
 Please make use of appropriate analytical techniques such as the Porter five forces model, value chain analysis, strategic map, the Boston Consulting Group matrix, The industry Attractiveness matrix etc., including the use of charts and tables where appropriate, please remember: analytical tools do not matter for their own sake, rather they should help you to analyse the company.
 The depth and breadth of your team’s analysis of the company’s situation (evidence of using the industry information
 Evaluation of alternative solutions and justification for selection the case solution


There are many challenges facing businesses today and they have to resolve to be able to weather the competition and stay ahead of their business rivals (Luo & Mezias 2006). The purpose of this report is to outline the key strategic management issues that Airbnb has to deal with in order to competition and maintain the disruptive innovation that it introduced at inception in the year 2008. The report starts with an executive summary which describes how the company was founded and the objectives of this report.