Strategic Management Corporate Analysis


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The news and media industry is experiencing rapid growth in the United States.  The growth in the media is experiencing different performance in different categories. One of the best performing categories is the Spanish media category.  With double the growth of Spanish population since 1990, the popularity of Spanish media services has also doubled.  In this Spanish category of the US broadcasting services, the leading broadcaster in Spanish language is Univision. The company outranks all other Spanish language networks in the industry right now and currently is ranked number 4 as of the February sweeps alongside CBS, ABC, Fox beating NBC (Gusken & Mitchell 2012).  Univision is also the ranked the 5th largest network for primetime audience in the country.  At the same time, the company that can be considered to be worst performing in the industry is NBC. According to Carter (2012) the ratings for NBC have plummeted from the best performing company to the worst performing.