Strategic Management & Competitiveness


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Assignment 1 – Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness


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The growth in technology has come with it many benefits in the contemporary world. To mention just a few of the benefits associated with the growth of technology, the rate at which people convey messages across the world have elevated due to fast message delivery associated with the growth of technology. Additionally, as a  result of technology growth, the business transaction can be carried out on online platforms thus cutting down the time in which a business transaction consumes. A major impact felt across the entire world because of technology growth is globalization.  To be in a position of explaining how globalization and growth of technology have impacted Starbucks Corporation, it serves great significant defining globalization. Globalization is the process of integration brought about by the interchange of different perspectives across the entire world. Specifically, some issues that are brought together by the process of integration are for instance worldviews on products,  ideas, and cultural aspects that facilitate elevated economic interdependence among countries and their organizations.  In most cases, globalization is reflected by the manner in which goods and services flow across different regions of the world, financial capital and knowledge diversity internationally.