Strategic Analysis of Indonesian Market for Cherry Export


Here is group assignment Requirment :
This challenging assessment/task will provide you a real world experience through an applied and innovative task
target market:Indonesia    
product to export :cherry(Australian Fresh Fruit )
introduction150words. ( our part ) 
In part 1, requires more than 3 references.  350words.  Use table to list five weakness and strength to analysis.( we can use dot point).
1. In your team you are to conduct a strategic analysis(strengths and weaknesses) of the:
Political and
Social/Cultural environments of your chosen target market(Our part). 
2. Develop a brief competition analysis for your products’ key competition within the country (include at least 3 key competitors in your discussion).
3. Provide recommendations for the following key strategies:
Pricing strategy (what price should your company set and how)
Distribution (what is the key distribution strategy for your product)
Promotion (provide an overview of the principle promotion strategy and communication vehicle to be used).
You must use APA Referencing
Note that this is a team assessment business report.  Once completed, the team will complete the marking criteria forms (Form 1of 2 and Form 2 of 2). Each team member will complete both forms and provide all relevant details in those forms.


Before any business embarks on the introduction of a product or service in a new market, it is important that it conducts a market research to gather information about the target customers or markets (Malhotra, 2008). It becomes even difficult if the target market is outside the boarders of the country of operation thus involving the exportation process. Market research or analysis is crucial in market penetration and in maintaining an edge over competitors. It offers vital information to identify and evaluate market need, the size and competition. It provides an opportunity to evaluate market dynamics, customers, patterns, and the current sales volume for the industry as a whole. As such, to export cherry to Indonesia one needs to conduct a market research. This report is a strategic analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the economic, political and social/cultural environments of the Indonesian market. The report further provides a competition analysis for the cherry’s key competition within Indonesia as well as recommendations for key strategies for pricing, distribution, and promotion.