Stop the Violence


# The Practical Proposal must use the organizational strategy given in figure 16.2 on page 457 of The Allyn & Bacon Guide to Writing.
# The Practical Proposal must identify a specific target audience that you are persuading to take action.
# The Practical Proposal must demonstrate, with research and support, the existence of the problem.
# The solution must be clear and include specific steps for implementation.
# The Practical Proposal must also consider competing solutions and offer justification for the solution proposed.
# The final will be no fewer than 6-8 pages in APA format (length does not include transmittal, references page or title page).
# No fewer than seven sources will be cited in the Practical Proposal and listed on the references page.


Domestic violence is one the complex family crimes that calls for all measures to stop it. Domestic violence has been one of the most persistent family problems and has led to break up of families. Domestic violence has been identified as one the leading problem that is faced by many families not only in the United States but also in the whole world. Domestic violence has changed its nature over time and has changed from a familial problem to a gender issue. (Johnson, 2005)  Domestic violence undermines the existence of the gender equality between partners in a relationship.