Statistics project


The professor suggest a question for the question research this is the question :
Is communication between staff and student effecting student relation ?
and he needs 5 question research so now you have one and you need to get 4 more to complete the research and the 4 question that you will write should be related to First question.


1.1 Problem Statement: Communication is a very vital aspect in teaching. Basically, the ways through students communicate with their teachers clearly affect their relationships. Lack of strong student-teacher relationships has been reported to result in declined performances among students. In this case therefore, this study explores the role of communication in building strong teacher-student relationships. Studies have indicated that when there is an effective communication between students and the members of the staff, a strong relationship is build between the two parties and in turn students are able to effectively understand the concepts explained by the teacher. This is because in case the students do not clearly understand what is explained in the classroom by the tutor, they can seek for clarification fearlessly. Notably, communication can be improved in schools by ensuring that groups are formed between teachers and students and socialization is encouraged.