Starbucks CRM



Exec Summary
Situation Analysis
Value of CRM

Description of Customer
Retention Programs and… (5 X 8)
New design must include retention
(four other functions)
(For Example) Customer Service
Customer service for cross referencing between SBUs
Sales Force
Specialty Sales Force?
Personal Face to Face
Personal Telephone
E-Business Application
Digitally, how will this work?
Analytics-Data Value (discuss)
Means of measuring value in short term increments
Implications for long term strategy
CRM Design
What will it look like….chart would be nice
Recommendations for rolling this out



Customer relationship management is very fundamental in any organization as it determines the way customers are viewed and recognized. Organizations are using the concept of customer relationship management as a competitive strategy. An organization that manages customer relationship effectively is able heed to their suggestions and desires meet their needs. Starbucks is an international corporation that specializes in offering coffee to customers across the world. The company has a strong customer relationship management strategy whereby reward cards, loyalty cards, provision of high quality customer services, and e-business strategies are used. The company’s high profits can be attributed to their effective management of customer relationships. The impact of CRM can be measured by evaluating whether the objectives and goals were achieved after implementing the strategy.