Stakeholders and Public Relations: Johnson’s Baby


Executive Summary

J&J was faced with a lawsuit by 22 women claiming that the baby powder caused ovarian cancer. Indeed, the court awarded the women. The company lost almost $5B with the plaintiff calling for removal of all J&J talc based products or that they label the products as carcinogenic. Furthermore, the company insists that their products are not carcinogenic. Amidst the standoff, the J&J stock fell by 1.9% and this affected the company reputation.  The PR department is faced with the daunting task of restoring the company reputation and managing the various stakeholders among them the government agencies such as the CDC, WHO, FDA, and the general public. It is through collaborations and research that may shed light on the contentious concerning the safety of talc in J&J products.



Assessment Item 1

Assessment Name:Report

Length:  1500 words
Links to unit objectives: 1, 2, & 4. Relates to AOLs: KS (1.1); PC (3.1)
Due date: TBA
Percentage of final grade: 30%
Brief description: Write a report on one of the organisations and issues from the list of options provided. Include discussions of

  • Who your organisation’s stakeholders are
  • The public relations issue your organisation is facing
  • The publics this issue creates
  • The mutual significance of organisation, publics, and issue.

Step-by-step guide to preparing Assignment 1: Report


  • Refer to the list of organisations and issues provided by your lecturer. These will be made available to you in lectures and tutorials, and under the Assessment tab on the BB site. Choose ONE as the focus of your report.
  • Provide a report that demonstrates your knowledge of key concepts in this unit by identifying and discussing your organisation’s stakeholders; describing and analysing the issue from a public relations perspective; and discussing the publics this issue creates.
  • You will need to begin your analysis of each of the three elements (stakeholders, issue and publics) with a discussion of a scholarly definition of each element. You should use these definitions to frame your analysis.  Please read the CRA for more information on this.
  • In order to help you structure the content for this assignment, try addressing the following questions in your report:
    • Who is your organisation, who are its stakeholders, and why do they matter to your organisation?
    • From a public relations perspective, what is the issue facing your organisation and why does it matter to your organisation? Create an issue statement.
    • Who are your organisation’s publics in priority order? Why do they matter to your organisation?
    • What is the connection between all three elements (organisation, issue, publics)?
  • You will need a brief introduction and a conclusion as well, and all content should be presented within the 1500-word limit. It’s up to you to work out how many words go in each section.
  • Note that the word count is calculated by clicking on the word ‘Introduction’ in your report, and highlighting ALL content through to the last word before the heading ‘References’. The total thus indicated is your word count and should be between 1350 and 1650 words.
  • There should not be any need to include appendices in this assignment. However, if you do choose to include them then you should be aware that they must not contain information that you need to address the requirements of the CRA sheet. Appendices do not count toward the word limit, but the trade-off is that they cannot contain information that has to be marked to help you meet the elements of the CRA. To make it simple, imagine that your appendices will not be read by your marker: will they still have all the information they need to work out whether you have addressed the criteria?

This assessment item should be presented using report format. More information will be provided to help you do this.


Once you are ready to submit your work, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the BB site and click on the Assessment tab
  2. In the assessment table, click on the relevant item name
  3. This will take you through to another page with information about the assignment requirements. Below this you will see a link called Assignment 1: Report. When you are ready to upload, click on the View Assignment link and follow the instructions. This counts as your submission. You may submit this assessment item more than once if you make a mistake. However, submissions made after the due date/time without an approved extension will incur a penalty (see above).

Note that academic support for this assignment will end at 5p.m. on the Friday before your assignment is due. Your report must be submitted online before 11.59p.m. on the due date as advised.


Assessment work submitted after the due date without an approved extension will normally not be marked and will receive a grade of 1 or 0%. This policy reflects the expectations of professional practice for meeting deadlines.