staffing_and_Recruitment_Plan – Strategic Human Resources Management Capstone | HRM495-Q1WW-F17 Compensation & Benefits Plan


Weighting: 35%
Length: Report (1,000 words) + reflection on teamwork (300 words) (exclude reference list)
Aims and objectives:
This assessment targets the development of students’ analytical, problem-solving, research and reflective skills. This assessment expects students to:
Answer the brief (the question posed in the case study).
Demonstrate an understanding of teamwork and the challenges and opportunities it presents for managers and team members.
Demonstrate ability to find solutions to an identified problem.
Reflect on their own experiences of teamwork.
Report should include:

• A title page and cover sheet.

• Introduction.

• Body (headings which reflect contents of each section).

• Conclusion.

• A reference list.

• Reflective statement.

A marking guide for this assignment will be posted on iLearn in week 6.

Submission Details: All students must submit their reports electronically through Turnitin using the link on iLearn, and in hard copy to BESS (E4B 106) by 4.00pm on the due date.
Hard copies must be identical to the electronic version submitted.
Late submissions: Late reports must also be submitted through Turnitin and a hard copy should be submitted to BESS in building E4B to be date stamped and forwarded to your tutor for marking. No extensions will be granted. There will be a deduction of 20% of the total available marks (i.e. 7 marks) made from the total awarded mark for each 24 hour period or part thereof that the submission is late (for example, 25 hours late in submission incurs a 40% or 14 marks penalty). This penalty does not apply for cases in which an application for disruption to studies (DTS) is made and approved. No submission will be accepted after feedback have been posted/given in lectures/classes.
This Assessment Task relates to the following Learning Outcomes:
Describe and apply fundamental management theories and concepts to business operation.
Critically examine organisational and management practices.
Analyse management challenges, problems and issues and construct practical solutions.
Evaluate the purpose and value of teamwork and working collaboratively.




With increasing competition in the coffee shop industry, it has become more challenging for companies to attract and retain quality talent within an organization. Employees play a pivotal role in the success of an organization as they are the foundation for customer service, marketing, and day to day operations. It is recommended that Great Cups of Coffee Company begins cultivating new staffing processes that are competitive with other top level organizations within the industry. This will attract employees who will provide the high quality service that Great Cups of Coffee Company customers expect and return for. The decisions and organization makes in regards to staffing often have dramatic effects on the quality of work that is produced (Ray, 2016). In addition, staffing has the ability to affect retention rates and customer satisfaction ratings (Ray, 2016). Ultimately, production levels and company goals are at risk if staffing is not up to scale. These are a just a few reasons that prove staffing decisions to be some of the most important tasks for any organization’s Human Resources Department to make a priority (Ray, 2016).