Spectators Locked Out U 12s Match At Canberra Olympic


Spectators have been locked out U 12s match by the management for attacking a player at Canberra Olympic.

According to Wilde, the administrative secretary at Canberra Olympic, the decision to bar spectators from the match was reached after considering the security of the players, the fans, and other stakeholders.

“It is not an easy decision on our part but we were forced to bar fans from the match after an incidence where fans not satisfied with the decisions made during the match attacked a player, and we feared that the same could be replicated in the other match,” Wilde said.



2312THS – Sport Information

Press Release (Assessment Three: Part A and Part B)

Media Part A:
Due date: 4.30pm, Friday, 14 September, 2018 (Week 9)
Submission: To be submitted via SafeAssign on your course site
Delivery: Individual assignment
Weight: 10 % of course grade marked out of 10 marks
Length: One page.
Press Release Assessment Description:
This individual assessment is a one page press release about the impactful issue you
identified in your sport organisation. You should assume the role of the Public Relations
Managers for the organisation.
You are required to write a one-page, single-spaced press release to make your
The aim of this assessment item is to assess the student’s ability to:
1. understand the media, its purpose, structure and processes toward developing media
and public relations, promotional and publicity materials in particular press releases;
2. assess the students’ ability to write a correct press release.
Please adhere to the following guidelines when writing your press release:
 A4 paper size with 2.54cm margins and 12-point Times New Roman font.
 No longer than ONE page, single-spaced.
 Proper press release format, as described in your Week 8 Workshop.
 Follow the Australian Department of Finance and Administration’s Style Manual
 Inverted pyramid style.
 Headline should be in 16 or 18-point font and should be no more than two lines.
 YOU should be listed as the contact person on the release. Your title is “Public
Relations Manager”.
 Lead should be no more than two sentences and should give the following
information: who, what, where, why, when, and how.
 At least one quote should be used within the release. You will need to make up this
quote and you may choose who says it (e.g., a coach, administrative executive,
player/athlete, etc.)
 Include a boilerplate that you have written about your organisation.
 Correct spelling and grammar are expected.

Media Statement Presentation (Assessment Three Part B)

Part B:
Due date: Exam Period 8th Oct- 19th Oct 2018
Submission: To be delivered orally in an interactive oral with your Lecturer/Tutor
You will be given access in the course site’s assessment folder for
assessment 3, to an online booking sheet where you may
select a time that does not clash with other assessment, closer to the
end of trimester.
Delivery: Individual assignment
Weight: 30 % of course grade marked out of 30
Length: 7 Minutes
Background Information:
This individual assessment piece requires you to deliver a two minute Media statement to the
lecturer/tutor regarding the issue that has arisen within the local sport organisation from
assessment one and two.
You will specifically discuss the Long term recovery plan of your sport organisation and
what procedures have been put in place to address this issue if it occurs again AND a
minimum of three recommendations for improvement.
Assessment Description:
 You will be given access to an online booking sheet for times, closer to the end of
trimester. You MUST book a time that does not clash with any of your other
assessment. Failure to book an assessment time will result in failure of the
 Presentations start in exam weeks from 8th October and finish on 19th October;
 Presentations will take place in lecturer/tutor room;
 Presentations will be 2 minutes in length;
 There will be a 5 minute question and answer time to justify your recovery plan and

Look at the following media statement examples at https://www.asada.gov.au/news-

 a brief introduction and description of your sport organisation and the issue that has
 an overview of the long term recovery plan and what procedures have been put in
place to address this issue if it occurs again. For example, Cricket Australia’s cultural
review in the wake of the Cape Town ball tampering scandal;
 a discussion on a minimum of three recommendations for improvement and justify
these with current examples from sport organisations who have faced similar issues.
For example this may include the development of a crisis communication plan.
 In your responses to questions, show evidence where possible of your research which
should include 5 references to support your recommendations and recovery plan. 3
peer-reviewed academic journal articles and 2 industry references such as websites; or
crisis communication plans from sport organisations.