Spartacus led a slave revolt in Plutarch’s life of Crassus. Xanthias was the slave of Dionysus in The Frogs. There are numerous slaves in Genesis. What do these texts tell us about the lives of slaves in ancient societies? What purposes did slaves serve in these works? What are some of the similarities and differences among the roles slaves seemed to play in these societies?


Answer question for your essay. Again, make sure your argument makes frequent references to the texts, and cite your sources.


From the text “Spartacus led a slave revolt in Plutarch’s life of Crassus”, it can be indicated that slaves were given a chance to win themselves prominent places in the Roman Empire. Slave gladiators were people taken as slaves who were required to fight to the death in order to win their freedom. Slaves who continuously won the matches were pronounced free but most of them died in the process of trying to win their freedom. The aspect of gladiatorship was required to entertain the king and other people especially the wealth middle class people who paid for the slaves to fight. Spartacus was a Thracian slave and a gladiator and led to the slaves to a slave rebellion also known as the Third Servile War in the last century of the Roman Empire.