South China Sea Beijing Accuses US of Militarization


Make a post about a current event relating to China’s evolving political and economic relationship with the so-called Western world. Include the following:
1.Title, source (BBC, Economist, New York Times, etc.), and publication date of the article
2.Web link to the article, if available
3.Summary of the article
4.Explanation of the relevance of the article to the discussion topic (Identify and explain three relationships.)


The article  “South China Sea: Beijing Accuses US of Militarization” by BBC News, which was published on 19 February 2016, explores the changing relationship between China and the West on the question of the authority and legality of Beijing’s activities in the South China Sea. The article discusses the issue of militarization in the South China Sea with the US accusing China of placing missiles in the region while  Beijing accusing the US of militarizing the region through the air and naval patrols that have escalated tension. The US, however, defends her actions arguing that they are a part of her freedom of navigation. The article also mentions Vietnam diplomatic notes to both the Chinese Embassy and UN Secretary General protesting against the deployment of missiles in the region, which she considers as an infringement on her sovereignty. The Philippines also shows concern for Beijing’s actions, which aggravates the situation.