Solar Thermal System for Needy People


To submit a business plan of a venture that is INNOVATIVE, practical, and possibility focused on sustainable development of your country and region.
The plan must include market needs analysis, the uniqueness of the proposition, society appeal, indicate main product/services, feasibility study, cost information and balance sheet, supply chain and partners, legal/environmental analysis (you could construct SWOT and PESTLE analyses), growth strategy and risks and exit strategy.

My recommendation is to make business plan for Solar Thermal System that is cheap and efficient to be sold to needy poor people. The idea is to have a solar dish to generate 1KW of power to the house.


UAE is considered one of the hottest regions in the world. Lying in a desert, creating a cooler environment that people can operate comfortably is a major challenge. According to Pamuk (2011) cooling the dessert that is UAE is almost a mission impossible.  In his narration, Pamuk (2011) argues that most of the UAE residents need to cool their apartment for 24 hours even when they are not within their homes.  With summer temperate surging to more than 50 degrees Celsius, most of them prefer living in a managed environment which are much cooler than the outside world. During the summer most of them have to keep their homes air-condition because turning-off air conditions in an effort to save power means spending even more money to  power to cool the house  again. This is a clear indication that energy use in cooling homes accounts for the largest percentage of total energy demand of the region. For example, in Dubai, more than 2 million inhabitants have to leave their air-conditioners running throughout the enter summer period.  This means that the electricity demand per person in the UAE is more than three times the average of the world average.  More than 70% of the energy in the UAE region goes to cooling with air cons running continuously for 24 hours (Pamuk, 2011).