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Giddens, A. (1992) argues that capitalistic culture advocates for freedom in almost all spheres of life ranging from economic, political as well as social aspects of life. In light of this, man has become more separated from himself, other men as well as the nature. Giddens (1993) says that man has been altered into a product in that he understands his life vigor as a venture that must allow getting utmost profits in the prevailing market circumstances. This is to mean that majority of people look at what is at stake or what they will gain from every engagement they partake. This type of thinking is not only common in economic and political aspects but also personal relationships as well. Majority of people, nowadays, look at what they will gain in entering into a romantic relationship (Arendt, 1958).  This paper argues that due to capitalistic culture in the society love is no longer the aspect that defines romantic relationship but personal trait packages as well as expectation for a reasonable bargain.