Social Structure/Incarceration



Topic —-Social Interaction/Social Structure Incarceration

The question of whether prison really rehabilitates criminals or make them worse has been a topic for discussion for years. Are we a product of our environment? Does prison make people worst and more likely to commit a crime even more once they are released? What about the innocent that have been wrongly accused? Will there experience of being locked up change their lives forever? This will be an interesting subject to study.


This assignment which will give you an opportunity to explore a theme from our book in detail is due by 4/19.


There are four sections to this project.
You must meet the page minimums defined below and must format the project according to these guidelines:
It must be a Word document with 1 inch Margins on all sides
Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced
At the top of the first page, type your name etc as stated with using MLA format.
You must provide a list of Works Cited and you must cite works that you reference in the article (use in text citations/parenthetical documentations). If you are unsure about citations, you should refer to the library website and use their tutorial as a reference, you can also view the sample MLA paper in doc sharing.
First Section: Choose a theme from your book (examples include socialization, social structure, stratification, etc).

Explain the theme in your own words.
Refer to the textbook.
Put them in the perspective of each of the major theoretical perspectives (functionalist, conflict, and interactionist).
This section should be approximately 1 page long.

Second Section: Go to the Peirce College Library. Login to the databases and use the EBSCOhost database to find one scholarly article related to your theme. You should select the Academic Search Elite option. Summarize the article and describe how it relates to your chosen theme.

This section should be approximately 2-3 pages long

Third Section: Apply your theme and your findings from the scholarly articles to current daily life and today’s society. Reflect on aspects of your daily life, current events, historical events, etc. In essence, you are connecting the theme you wrote about in the beginning of your essay to society today. (Think about the “Applying Sociology to Everyday Life” content items each week and how they make this link.)

This section should be approximately 2 pages long.

Fourth Section: This is your conclusion. Describe what you have learned as you researched your topic and how it relates to your life experiences

This section should be approximately 1 page.


Total possible points = 75

Thoughtful, exciting writing that reflects an understanding of the content and topics expressed; covering all topics/content and answering all questions posed in the assignment.
Adhering to required formatting, along with MLA citation guidelines (there is a sample MLA paper in Doc Sharing for you to view).
Essays are edited and proofread for spelling, grammar, and sentence structure in order to create a fluid and well-composed paper, one that shows the utmost respect for the writer’s important thoughts.


Socialization can be termed as interaction of people in the society. It refers to the peoples’ way of life, the causes and consequences of heir behavior and the changes they undertake during their day in day out interaction. In coming across the people we live with, the interaction or socialization is taken in different levels. Sociologists study the social behaviors into two social patterns (Cliffsnotes 2009). The first is the short term event called the Micro level while the long term pattern is called the Macro level.

The sociologists offer a wide conceptualization of the society working and its fundamentals, these leads to sociological theoretical paradigms or perspectives which provide the knowledge framework.