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As it appears in this study, there are different drugs that are abused by the population but the percentage of use of these drugs varies. From the data analysis, it is evident that alcoholic beverage is mostly used among other drugs. This is attributed to different factors but it may be mainly due to lower legal limitation on the use of alcoholic beverages. Followed closely be alcoholic beverage is cigarette smoking. This can also be attributed to the same reason that there are fewer government regulations on the use of cigarettes. In addition, both alcoholic beverages and cigarettes are readily available to the population and are cheaper, which means they have high availability, accessibility, and affordability. After cigarettes comes marijuana/Hashish at 36.9%. Marijuana is more available to the population compared to other hard drugs like cocaine, crack, or heroin, which may explain why there are more people who use marijuana compared to these hard drugs. After marijuana, there is crack at 22.4% followed by cocaine at 12.3% and later heroin at 1.4%. These three drugs are lesser used in the population partly because they are not readily available and also due to their high cost. Legal limitation in the use of drugs may be another factor contributing to lesser use of the three drugs.