Social Media Posts




Submit three different Facebook posts that each conveys a different way to discuss your project. The intent here is to craft posts that will draw traffic to your crowdfunding page, so each one of your posts must include a space for a link to your Kickstarter or Indiegogo page. Think about how you can talk about your project and encourage people to visit your page.

Refer to the work you submitted for Assignment 5.1: Talking Points. Tap into a different talking point for each post.

To be clear, you are not posting these online at Facebook. You are writing out three posts you would share online to drive traffic to your crowdfunding page – and you are submitting them to the instructor. Since you won’t have a link to an actual Kickstarter or Indiegogo page, you can indicate where you’d put the link like this: “[LINK]”




The purpose of this assignment is to become more proficient with posting effectively on social media to drive traffic to your project’s crowdfunding page. Maintaining a presence on Facebook will likely the one of the primary tangible aspects of your social media campaign.


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