social analysis


Social issue Detention Centres. RESEARCH COVERAGE of the issue in the media and, if possible, locate current media excerpt reporting on this issue. These will form your case.

Write a CASE STUDY on your chosen issue comparing and contrasting TWO of the following:

Your CASE STUDY should include:
1)Identification and overview of the social issue.
2)Analysis the issue in light of TWO SOCIOLOGICAL perspectives
3) a dissussion of the different ways the issue is represented in the media from the point of view of the perspectives chosen
4)reference to relevant literature, linking your ideas to theory discussed in the module.


According to the prosecuting general, domestic violence is attributed to be the cause of most injuries of women between 15 and 44 years in United States (JC, 1990). This is to be found on a report released by committee on judiciary. As a result there are 1,500 shelters which have been designated for women who continue facing domestic violence. In addition, according to the hearings by the Judiciary committee between Aug 29th and Dec 11th in 1990, 3 to 4 million women face instances of domestic violence annually JC, (1990). To support these statistics another report by the FBI released in 1991 confirmed that in the United States of America a woman faces physical violence in every fifteen seconds (FBI, 1991). In addition, a study by American Bar association posits that 25% of women in America are physically assaulted at one point in their lifetime (CNN, 2009). In this study the case of physical assault of Rihanna a musician who was battered by his boyfriend Chris brown will be evaluated. According to CNN (2009) a heated argument ensued between the two which ended with Rihanna being viciously battered. According to this report the musician was badly beaten and a photo of her bruised face appeared in American tabloids few days after the incidence. Through a confession to the Los Angeles Police Department this was not the first attack from Chris brown but Rihanna had persevered the treatment in the name of love. According to the tabloid the couple then temporarily reunited and this forms a good platform in studying both domestic violence and battered woman syndrome.