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Please answer each prompt in 2 separate paragraphs. Instructions: Below you will find the two discussions for this week. Discussion Prompt #1: Identify two of the many ways that Miriama Ba illustrates that diversity of views about marriage relationships. What makes one of these views more and less convincing as a way of viewing marriage? (Note that views of marriage may be directly and indirectly presented by one or more of the numerous characters, through Rama′s memories, and through the cultural context presented in the book.) Discussion Prompt #2: Referring to specific passages in the book (be certain to include examples from throughout the book), please discuss what Ramatoulaye believes are some of the greatest benefits of a true education. In what ways are these similar and different to your education at Nyack College?

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Mariama Ba uses Ramatoulaye’s to describe the many concepts of marriage that are found in her cultural heritage in Senegal after being abandoned by her husband of 25 years who had gone ahead to marry a younger woman. According to Ramatoulaye as she explains to her best friend Aissatou, there are many reasons which can make somebody gets married as it is illustrated by her co-wife and her daughter.