snow skiing


1-Picture of someone doing the sport/activity (1 extra credit point)
2-Descriptive information about the sport/activity.
3-Why can the sport/activity be dangerous?
4-How many people injured in a year? Die? Did they have precautions in place?
5-Precautions that can be taken to increase safety


Skiing is gliding on snow using the skis. It is not only a mode of transport, but also a recreational activity and a competitive sport that happens during the winter season. Regardless of the purpose of the activity, skiing is considered one of the most dangerous sports. For example, Michael Schumacher, the seven-time Formula One champion, was critically injured when skiing in Meribel, France. Skiing has claimed an average of 4.15 lives annually in the last decade (Gittings, 2013).  Although skiing is one of the most entertaining activities, participants are exposed to different kinds of risks that can be mitigated by taking basic precautions.