Small business plan topic | VEGETABLE SELLER APP IN BEIJING


Assessment 1: The development of your business idea and industry / market analysis

Guideline length: 
2,200 words 
(Including a 500-word appendix showing literature reviewed)

Referencing: Harvard system

This is part one of the development of your business plan, in this assignment; you are expected to develop your business idea into a viable business model, review your market / industry, competitors and your competitive advantage (who are your competitors and why are you different?). You need to demonstrate that you understand your market and who will buy your product or service and why. This will be based upon a relevant literature review (included as an appendix).

Marks will be awarded as below:

o Clarity, consistency and originality of value proposition(s) 15%

o Well-defined identification of target market segment(s) 15%

(including the size and value of your target market segment

with referenced sources)

o Comprehensive market analysis 20% (PESTLE, Porter’s five force)Both Macroscopic and microscopic analysis are required.

o Identification of competitors and comprehensive competitor 10%


o Identification of competitive advantage 10%

o Appendix: Comprehensive, detailed and relevant literature review 20%

o Overall presentation, grammar / spelling, referencing 10%

Assessment criteria and grades are outlined in the following grading grid.



  1. Political
    1. Beijing is the capital city of China. Being the administrative center, it holds most important offices in the country. This creates a thriving business environment.
    2. Politically, Beijing is a dual party-government system like the rest of China, with the Mayor of Beijing among the highest ranking government officials in China.
    3. Being the seat of government power, the government in Beijing enforces most of the laws made for the country.
    4. Beijing has a very efficient, free and fair legal system.