SkyTeam Cargo


I trying to find information on how “SkyTeam Cargo alliance” has been successful. I want to know how they have been able to create a successful cargo alliance. They are the only cargo alliance that has succeeded in the cargo industry. What are the pro’s and cons of the aircraft being in this alliance? What is SkyTeam Cargo’s business plan/model? Do they have some sort of centralization of management that directs the carriers? How are there decisions made? Does this make them more efficient? They claim they have en extensive hub network. I want to know how that hub network helps them become a better cargo operation. How do they choose there CEO’s. etc..

I am still researching this topic and am having trouble finding alot of the information. I will upload all the articles that I have found so far and will continue to upload more and give more information as I get it.

I want this paper to be about cargo management how this alliance allows the partners in it to be able to more effectifly manage cargo to include, routing, scheduling, services, prices, technology, planes, management decisions. There can be some comparison to the WOW cargo alliance which formed from STAR ALLIANCE but fell. I have talked to cargo analyst experts and will upload the details of the phone call so it can be used as a reference in the paper.


SkyTeam Cargo is the largest air cargo alliance in the world.  It is also the most extensive and comprehensive air cargo alliance transporting cargo to different countries in the world.  Over the years, the SkyTeam cargo has grown to put in a place an alliance that transports cargo to different destinations in the world.  Through building alliance, SkyTeam cargo has brought together the experience and expertise of renowned carriers to provide the most innovative and integrative air freight services in the world. This can be described as a success story considering the different aspects of its operation. Holding an alliance together in air cargo business is a challenging task that needs careful planning and efficient management.  In order to understand the success of the alliance, there is need to understand the different aspects of its operations.  One of the important factors to understand about the alliance is the management factor.   This would the reveal how the alliance has been working to maintain the strategic alliances.