Site Assignment | Queensland Gallery of Modern Art


Word Count: Approx 2,500
Select a suitable visitor attraction and conduct a critique of the site in terms of visitor
learning experiences and visitor management.
You are required to:
 Select a visitor site that offers some level or type of visitor learning (NOT Queensland
 Using the checklist used in the Queensland Museum site visit, write a critique of the
various visitor facilities and services offered at your chosen site.
PART 1: BACKGROUND (500 words)
 Describe the site – where is the facility and what is its purpose (site for formal school
excursions, nature-based experiences, historic site)
 Provide a map or diagram of the site
 Identify the main target markets
PART 2: CRITIQUE (1,250 words)
 Drawing from relevant lecture content and using the checklist provided, note how
well the site is likely to meet the needs and interests of the target markets you have
identified. In particular, you should discuss:
o Entrance/welcoming area
o Visitor facilities
o Visitor comfort
o Orientation (both internal and external directional signs)
o Visitor engagement
o Interpretive signs
o Exhibit design issues
o Maintenance
 Highlight the areas and aspects that are done well and those that could be improved.
Justify this with observation data collected onsite (this will be discussed further in

 Provide suggestions/recommendations for improvements to the identified
* Clearly state what is recommended and how to achieve this. For example, it is
insufficient to say there are no multi-lingual signs so the recommendation is to install
multi-lingual signs. Rather, you should be stating WHY multilingual would be
beneficial, where they should be placed and what specific languages should be
considered. This should clearly link to your discussion of target markets and their
motives. REMEMBER: “What, why and how”.
need to change about this essay:
part1: need to provide a map or diagram of the site
this essay does not provide main market (see critique criteria sheet)
part2: observation data (need to be provide in appendix)- see example
part3: The part3.3 need to be detailed. Why china is the main visitor? Need to provide data
to support, u can search the relevant data on internet.


The site selected for this critique is the Queensland gallery of modern art (GOMA), which is located at the Stanley Place, South Brisbane, Queensland Australia. GOMA is one of the few treasures tucked deep in Brisbane that attracts local and international visitors.  It is established under The Queensland Art Gallery Act of 1987, from which it draws and overarching governance and management structure (QAGOMA). It is also a part of the Queensland Cultural Centre, signifying its importance in Brisbane’s art scene. GOMA was established in the 21st century, opening doors to the first visitors on 2 December 2006. This is the second Queensland Art Gallery’s second house and the largest gallery of contemporary arts in the country.