Should Obesity be deemed a mental illness in the DSM-V


Need to review articles relative to obestiy as a mental illnesss. Would like eating disorders/disordered eating included. Would like to touch on society influencing the current number of obese people in our society. Food labelling/how hard it is to eat healthy unless you are VERY educated…


Paragraph 1: Obesity is one of the major public health concerns facing developed and developing countries in the world. Since the turn of the twentieth century, health statistics shows that the prevalence of obesity and overweight has escalated owing to a number of factors including change in lifestyle patterns. In United States, it is estimated that more than a third of the entire population is obese.  It is currently estimated that about 32.2% of United States adults are obese and it is feared that the rates of obesity will escalate in the future going by recent trends.  Obesity has created public health fear because it is related to a number of conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, and other life threatening conditions.  It is also estimated that it costs United States between $70 and $100 billion every year to treat various conditions arising as result of obesity.  Obesity also reduces individual life by between 5 to 20 years which means rise in cases of obesity will come with devastating effects on the quality of life and life expectancy in the long run.  Although the government has put in place programs that are aimed at fighting obesity, it is should be noted that the prevalence of obesity continues in the backdrop of these strategies. Evaluating the increased cases of obesity, it has become necessary to reason whether these strategies are effective or is it that they are not reaching the targeted population. Obesity is not a problem to particular groups in the society since individuals across the social demographic divide are affected. Current strategies are targeting all groups in the society but they have done little to mitigate the pandemic. These are just few of the facts on obesity that are agitating the call for immediate measures to supplement the current one which are not very effective in fighting obesity.