Should Felons Be Allowed To Vote?


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A felon is a person who is convicted of committing a felony. A felony is categorized as a serious crime punishable by lengthened imprisonment or death. This implies that being convicted of a felony attracts the same punishment as rape, murder, arson, or burglary, and other crimes caused by impaired judgment. It is for this reason that the society feel felons should be denied some basic rights like voting because the convicted person shows inability to make a moral judgment, a key requirement in exercising voting right (Jamie and Mark 3). However, there are others who feel that voting is a right guaranteed under the constitution and should not be denied under any circumstances, even when one has committed a felony. The rights guaranteed under the constitution should not be denied on the basis of impartiality of judgment, which means felons should be allowed to vote because it is their constitutional right and they do not show impaired judgment.