Should Amercia keep making pennies? Would it affect the way you shop if the penny did not exist?


On this one I wish the writer to answer yes.

Review the essay “Abolish the Penny”a on page 515 of Successful College Writing textbook.

1. The essay responds to the assigned topic, presents a clear thesis, and addresses the target audience.

2. The introductory paragraph includes identification of reading and author; short summary of reading; identification of thesis.

3. Each body paragraph includes topic sentence related to thesis; provides examples related to topic; has concluding sentence that relates to both examples and reading.

4. The conclusion relates thesis and main support of reading; refers to examples used for support; includes at least one consequence of the issue presented.

5. Grammar, mechanics, and spelling demonstrate correct use of Standard Edited American English.


Time has come to move to the 21st century and forget about the penny. Since 1857, the penny has been the lowest-denomination in the country and it has come a time when it does not make any economic sense to keep the penny. In simple terms, the penny is no longer useful to the economy as its value has eaten away by the inflation leaving it useless to the economy. Penny  have become worthless to a point that people usually leave it  to a point that they leave it in the counter and no one picks it on the street.  When people leave a penny on the counter, it means that it too small to be useful to them again. In economic sense, there is not need to have the penny in circulation again. The penny should be abolished because it no longer has monetary value in the current economic situation.