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Short story project

In a social setting, a minority group refers to a group of people differentiated from the social majority or those holding a primary position of power within a society.

Short story project

In most cases, the differentiation is based on human traits such as ethnicity, race, religion, disability wealth and gender among others. Utilization of the term minority group is applied to different scenarios and civilization within history despite its popular miss association with numerical and statistical figures. The term minority bears a different meaning in different situations in life. For instance, in social science, the term is used to describe the social power relationship between dominant and subordinate groups instead of indicating demographic variation within a population.

Short story project

From the perspective of intersectional sociology, any given individual may be subjected to a situation of holding a majority or minority identity. The aspect of a single person holding double identity depends on the intersection shows great dependence on the intersection of different social categories such as age, gender, and religion.