short story essay


short story i need the climax, resolution, the falling action, protagonist and antagonist

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Mark had one of that gut feeling which is always consistent when something is about to happen but they cannot put a finger on it and he felt that he was missing something. Maybe there were some details he had not polished on the representation he was going to give or it was the anxiety of having to face the board that was giving him a breakthrough in his career. Either way, he was going to give his best and hope that the members knew what he was about to offer to revolutionize the cosmetics industry. Mark was a go-getter, an innovator and a trendsetter in the fashion industry where he wanted to leave a mark as one of the greatest game change when it came to ladies cosmetics. The new brand that he was going to unveil and represent to the board was supposed to rival one of the major brands that the world had ever seen like the L’Oréal, Nivea, and Givenchy to name but a few. Therefore, the only piece of the dice that was left was in ensuring that he had the financial backing of a major corporation that he would use to fight competition from the other established brands. To do this Mark knew it needed patience, perseverance, hard work and discretion due to the under dealings that were common in the fashion industry.