She is Not a Maniac


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It is a pleasant afternoon, and the weather is welcoming.   It is a hot day but being on the beach makes the weather a lesser concern compared to the fun on the beach.  I have been to the water, tried surfing but horribly failed. It is time to think of something else, and a cold drink at the moment will do. I am heading to the shop near the beach for a cold Coca Cola. There is a commotion at the store. A lady clothed only in a bikini is shouting, “Give me correct change or I splash your face with this drink!” The shopkeeper answers, “Madam, I gave you the exact change, please check again.” She retorts, “So you think am a nerd? I don’t know to count? Huh?  Take your drink and keep the money after all even the bank took more from me than you have taken.” She splashes the drink on the counter and leaves.  A customer who was lining retorts, “Take too much time to worry about maniacs on the beach, serve us before the wave ends we need to surf.” After wiping the counter, everyone recovers from the shock, and I am served.