Shangri-Laby James Hilton’s Lost Horizon



City Future;  Shangri-Laby James Hilton’s Lost Horizon


In his book, James Hilton described a utopian place he referred to as Shangri-La.  Shangri-La is described as a mystical and harmonious valley, which was guided from a lamasery, and located in the western sphere of Kunlun Mountains (Hilton, 1993). In this description, the author talks of Shangri-La as an earthly paradise that is in norm with common urban futuristic planning (Kretzmann&McKnight, 1993; Hall, 2002). It is a happy land that is well isolated from the outside world. This means it is a place that is farfetched from the real world (Allen, 1999). In addition, the people living in Shangri-La are not like the normal human beings, because they are immortal. They are people who are living beyond their normal lifespan although only very little aging is noticeable.