Set up a new club in Oxford United Kingdom.


Please Check the uploaded file. the report should all be about opening a club in Oxford United kingdom. please do all your research focusing on that.


The target market for the club will be male and female aged between 20 and 45 years.  This target market comprises of young and middle aged individuals who are well known for clubbing. This aged group is independent and can make a decision whether to stay in a club all night long. In addition, this aged group has substantial disposable income that can be spent even on high end clubs. This target market can be segmented as follows:

College students – the fact that the night club will be set up in Oxford, UK, puts it in proximity to thousands of college students. Oxford area has a number of higher education institutions including Oxford University and others that will provide a continuous supply of college students. Aged between 18 and 26 years, college students may comprise the most important market segment for the club because college students are known for exploring the night life at their young age.