Self Reflection

The Ashford University Self Reflection covers seven domains of growth, learning and development. Select and identify two domains from the list below. Write a brief plan for enhancing your understanding of the selected domain, and describe how the corresponding behaviors will impact your academic and career goals.

  • Critical Thinking: the active process of evaluating, interpreting, questioning and examining a problem or challenge.
  • Self Awareness: conscious awareness from internal and external perspectives that allow a person to understand their place within the environment and express behaviors that complement harmony between self and others.
  • Communication: an active process used to convey a message through speaking, writing and other non-verbal dues.
  • Diversity: an understanding and appreciation of differences, and the identification of positive contributions among people and groups. Diverse peoples and groups include, but are not limited to: differing values, cultures, ethnicities, politics, religion, gender, age and a host of others.
  • Citizenship: an understanding of one’s membership in a variety of “groups,” and identification of behaviors that reflect active participation within those groups. Examples of a group may include political, social, legal, religious, and so forth.
  • Membership and Leadership: an understanding of relationships within groups, including how each individual contributes to the group. Group participation may include the holding of a recognized office with prescribed duties (president, secretary, etc.), or contributions may include active participation that supports growth and development of the group (volunteer, etc.).
  • Relationships: an individual’s ability to influence others, contribute to self needs as well as the needs of others, and effectively manage internal growth and development while positively contributing to the growth and development of others.

Respond to at least two of your fellow students’ postings by Day 7.  (You must create one initial post and at least two responses, for a minimum of three posts for this discussion.).

TIP: For this question you must first complete the Ashford University Self Reflection.

  • Select two of the domains, and write about how you plan to enrich your understanding of each domain. For example, if selecting the domain of “Critical Thinking,” you may conduct additional research or take a course on improving your critical thinking skills.
  • Then, describe how the behaviors associated with the chosen domains will impact your work and school success.


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