the report MOST inclould

1-Table of contents

2- Introduction


3 – Discussion (using headings and sub-headings)

you have to link any headings and sub-headings to Organization behavour ( OB )
-self Leadership & Motivation




4 – Conclusion

5 – References
you must include a minimum of 10 references (2006 onwards) drawn from academic journals and books. Additional references
may be drawn from other journals, books, magazines, newspapers, videos and internet sites. Unsubstantiated web
references are not acceptable.


the Resources
On-line scholarly journals from reputable databases must be consulted. Newspapers and other relevant media may be used
to provide current examples. If you access freely available web pages it is expected that these will be considered
supplementary to scholarly material, and must be directly relevant to the topic under consideration.

*- Marking criteria
Report: Marks will be allocated on the basis of critical thinking and development of argument, written expression,
structure, content, and referencing.

Students are required to submit a soft copy for scanning with plagiarism detection software (TurnItIn). Your tutor will
advise you regarding this issue


Leadership is an imperative concept in any organization as it determines the level of performance. Employees or human resource is the determinant figure in any organization of the performance and profitability. Therefore, they required to be managed and led while using the most appropriate leadership strategies or approaches. The increased competition in the globalized competition that is facing most organization requires the organization to change their traditional management styles that focused on command- and – control leadership to participatory leadership among employees. Traditionally, command and control leadership strategies were used in managing employees hence they were not motivated to work hard. In this case, rather than using top-down structures- where leaders are the decision makers- some of the current organizations request employees to take part in decision making. This method of decision making is preferred mostly because diverse ideas are gathered. It should be noted that employees are talented differently hence when they make decisions in a participatory approach, the organization in question may be very successful. In order to cope up with these changing conditions, leaders are required to help employees become self-leaders as well as followers with desires and interests in sharing leadership responsibility.