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a) Perform a candid self-assessment of performance. What were yourn pre-test and post-test scores?
***(PreTest-7 correct out of 10), (PostTest – 10 correct out of 10)–See attachments

b) How well did you do on Quiz #1 and Quiz #2?
***(Quiz#1 10 out of 10 correct), (Quiz#2 10 out of 10 correct) – Same questions from Pre and Post Tests 1&2 but in diffrent order.

c) In what ways might you need improvement (i.e., in what ways might you have had misunderstandings)?
***I misunderstud the questions I missed

d) How can you improve your knowledge of plagiarism in those areas for which you had misunderstandings? What resources might be most helpful to you in this respect?


According to, plagiarism is a major academic crime that has become prevalent because of the internet.  Purdue Owl Online Writing Lab (2012) also contents that most students do not understand about plagiarism and how to avoid it. When I took the test, my aim was to score high marks. However, I found out that there was more in the test that scoring good marks. The test was more informative than evaluative. I found myself evaluating on my previously held beliefs about plagiarism and the new information, in form of questions, that was expounding and in some instances changing my previously held beliefs. After completing the two tests, I had an in-depth understanding of plagiarism more than what I had before taking the test.