Selecting Sources of Literature – Cathter Associated urinary Tract Infection -Nursing research


Locate a minimum of 15 peer-reviewed articles that describe the problem or issue and which support the proposed solution. Eight of the 15 articles must be research-based (e.g., a study which is qualitative, quantitative, descriptive, or longitudinal).
Hint: Begin your search for literature by utilizing the databases located in the GCU eLibrary. Contact your faculty member, the librarian, or library staff for additional researching tips and key word suggestions.
Preview each of the 15 articles chosen by reading the article abstracts and summaries.
Hint: Article abstracts and summaries provide a concise description of the topic, research outcomes, and significance of findings.
Hint – "Module 1: Checklist."
Perform a rapid appraisal of each article by answering the following questions (one to two sentences are sufficient to answer each question):
1. How does each article describe the nature of the problem, issue, or deficit you have identified?
2. Does each article provide statistical information to demonstrate the gravity of the issue, problem, or deficit?
3. What are example(s) of morbidity, mortality, and rate of incidence or rate of occurrence in the general population?
4. Does each article support your proposed change?
Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.


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I will submit 15 articles for this assignment per instructions.I will also submit the sample paper. Thanks


Rapid Appraisal: Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections

The topic at hand requires a comprehensive literature search. The selection of the sources detailed below is informed by the PICO question that was developed earlier. All the sources used were selected from the CINAHL database.  Each of the sources will be analyzed in terms of its relevance to the PICO question.

Gentry, H. (2005). Using silver to reduce catheter-associated urinary tract infections. Nursing Standard, 19(50), 51-5

This article explores the use of silver-coated catheters as a solution to catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs). According to the author who is an infection prevention and control nurse, urinary tract infections are a common occurrence among patients who are hospitalized. The study used a sample size of 133 patients, who were monitored during the inpatient stay. The findings of this quantitative study suggest that silver-alloy hydrogel-coated Foley catheter is associated with reduced incidences of CUTIs rate. In particular, the study found out that use of silver-coated catheters is associated with a 33.5% reduction in the incidences of UTIs. The article recommends the use of silver-alloy-catheters for patients requiring an indwelling urethra catheter for longer than 48hours.