Select two majors, two occupations; obtain the following information on each:


Majors: what are the requirements for the major, why did you choose this major, an informational interview with someone in that major or career, what concerns or challenges might you face if you select this major?

fashion management/ fashion merchandising

Occupations: describe a specific job, what are the educational requirements, typical responsibilities, starting salary, working conditions? what made you pick this field, what concerns do you have about entering this field?

/fashion buyer

Your research paper should answer all these questions on the checklist. also incorporate what you have learned about yourself through all the assessment activities from the book and the Myers Briggs. I came out ESTJ just type that into google.

Papers must include your “Action Plan” of your next steps. plan to apply to parsons school of design & F.I.T in jan spring 2009.
Must be 6-8 pages long, site sources.


Choosing a major is very important in any career that an individual might choose to pursue. A major is normally a means to a career and it is very beneficial for both the career and the major to be satisfactory. Many careers have multiple paths that you can follow in achieving them and a single degree can guarantee many careers.  It is considered ideal to choose a major once you enroll in university and the latest you should select a major is during the sophomore year. It is also very advisable to pursue an internship in your major as it will enable a student in drawing an analysis of the options that are available for the career in the long term (Ashland University Career Development, 2007).