Security Analysis and Portfolio Management


We are students at PMU, we’ve heard about you.

We are finance major, we have a project in our " Security Analysis and Portfolio Management" course. the project has almost 6 to 5 phases, we have done two phases so far. and we just need you to do the rest if possible.


Phase 1: Economic report done already
Phase 2: Industry analysis done too

Starting from

phase 3: Investment Recommendations


Analysis of three Saudi Arabian companies listed in the Saudi Stock Exchange market (TADAWUL) under the Agriculture and food industry:
First company: SAVOLA Group
Second Company: SADAFCO
Third Company: AlMarai

Needed from each of the above companies:
List of stock(s) that you are following, Rationale for selection of stock in writing i.e. economic, industrial, financial and technical. Investment recommendations and reasons, target exit prices, recent 3-­‐ and 5-­‐year return and risk characteristics, and correlations of the stocks.

I have attached the PDF presentation of the chapter that explains how to analyze a compnay, despite that when we asked him specifically about what kind of ratios he wants in the analysis he just said insert what you think is right. if you need the book i can send it to you.

about the number of pages, I think not less than 12 pages because its an analysis of three companies so it needs work.


One of the major roles of a finance manager of a company is investment analysis and portfolio management.  This is considered a primary and a key role in an organization because the choice of investment opportunities and their management determines a lot the shareholder wealth hence success of a company (Bohm, 2009).  Investment analysis and portfolio management entails choosing from alternatives the best securities or projects to invest in order to maximize shareholder wealth.

A finance manager has to choose good securities based on risk and return characteristics of the securities.  The role of investment analysis and portfolio management extends to making decisions on the stocks to hold on, when to sell and the stocks to be sold.  A finance manager may also decide to combine several securities in order to reduce the risks of the investment.  In deciding which securities to combine, the finance manager has to carry out correlation analysis of the various stocks in order to know which securities to invest in (Reilly, Leahigh & Brown, 1996).