Secondary Data Sources Paper


You are a consultant retained by a for-profit cancer center that is considering entering the Indianapolis, Indian market. Utilize the following criteria and identify five secondary sources of data that may be used to evaluate the scenarieo. Write a 1,400-2,100 word paper, describing the precise loction of each source of data and how the data could be used to assess the scenario. Choose carefully. Sources must meet the following guidelines:
Current: Within the last 5 years, but preferably in the last 12 months.
Pubicly available and free.
Credible (a qualified, reputable source).
Objective (an unbiased, neutral source)
Aligned with the scenario (no generic information; use data specifically applicabvle to a for-profit cancer center in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Cancer has been classified as one of the concerns to public healthcare in the United States.  Since the second half of the 20th century, the country has been experiencing rising cases of cancer which has been attributed to various factors ranging from environment, lifestyle, and genetic factors.  In pursuit of good healthcare, the government has put in place various strategies and the private sector is playing its role as well. There are several cancer care centers that have been established all over the country.  This paper looks into credible sources that can be used in analyzing market situation for establishment of a cancer care center in Indianapolis.