Second Language Teaching Methods


This paper is a literature review of a reserch in second language teaching. The topic of the reserch is The combination
of different methods in a second language classroom.

Please review the well-known methods, such as the Grammar-Translation method, the Natural Method, the Audiolingual
method and some contemporary methods.


Teaching is a process in which ideas and information are disseminated from one person to another. The process can either take place in schools or outside the school. The objective of any teaching session is to make the learner understand important concepts of the content required (Brumfit, 2009). However, there are ways in which teaching can be made efficient. This can be achieved through the use of specially designed teaching methods which concur with the knowledge to be disseminated. In this essay, I would review the basic methodologies in teaching a second language to learners. These methods may include: the grammar translation method, the natural method, audio-lingual method and other contemporary methods (Brumfit, 2009).