search and seizure


ok so in this assignment i need a program proposal 8 pages long. (The theme for my literature review is “Misuse of search and seizure” I will provide an outline of the topics that I want focused on my program proposal. My program proposal should come from a literature review based off of my outline but I do not have a literature review as my teacher decided to skip that and jump right into the program proposal. I. introduction II. training requirements A. proper policing procedures III. Courtroom procedures A. attaining warrants B. deterring police misconducts through exclusionary rule IV violations A. evidence attained illegally B. excessive force V. conclusion I would like for my subheadings to flow into each other. program rationale and program narrative are big parts to the proposal

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Over the last three decades, there has been a social and legal issue that have dominated the American criminal justice system concerning the right of citizens against the unreasonable government instituted seizures and searches. The debate has mostly concentrated on the controversial exclusionary rule which sometimes frees the unmistakably guilty due to anomalies in police procedures. Even though the intention of search and seizure was to facilitate rapid response to divergent urgent scenarios the police are allowed to apply force if necessary something no other member of society is permitted. However, irrespective of many police officers exercising their coercive power judiciously and with suitable restriction, the number of police officers abusing their authority in violation of their office of public has drastically increased in recent years and therefore there is a need to look at measures that may solve this problem before it turns out to be an epidemic. The mission of Police Justice Reform on Search and Seizure (PJRSS) Program is to come out with a procedure that will assist in curbing the problem of police misuse of police search and seizure.