Saudi ESL Teachers and the Computer-Aided Language Learning


I have written the introduction, literature review and the rational. I only need someone who can complete my proposal by flowing the guidelines that I will attach. I miss the abstract, Method Research Design and the limitation parts.
“You will NOT actually be conducting any research with participants, but will simply be proposing and outlining a research study” as my instructor says.
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I will attach my instructor’s feedback in order to fix any issues that related to the proposal. Also, I will attach Turnitin report. I hope the papers will be qualified and matched the higher points in the rubric.
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Technological advances have revolutionized the way people work, play and learn. In classrooms, researchers have studied and written many articles regarding how and why classrooms should try to incorporate the use of technology, because it can offer a lot of help especially when it comes to the retrieval of data as well as the creation of a more vivid multi-media material to further help the instructor provide the students with a better grasp of the subject.

Alersheed, Leask, and Raiker (2015) explained in their paper that Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL)has been critically acclaimed and has garnered global recognition. Daniel and Cowan (2012) explained that teachers who use computer-aided language instructions create a collaborative curriculum development, encouraging students to interact and experience technology while learning about a second language. Although there is evidence effectiveness of CALL, Alresheed (2015), however, explained that in Saudi Arabia, there are many constraints associated with CALL and SLA use.