Same Sex Marriages


For this assignment you will write a paper where you analyze articles from two different authors who have opposing viewpoints about a controversial ethical topic (Same Sex Marrigae). You will analyze how the authors of each article present information about the topic.
Please Include the following: I will be graded strongly on this-(1)Language – How does each author use language including jargon, slang, tone, and sentence structure? Identify at least one instance of vague or coercive language, propaganda, and fallacies. Would you recommend the author change such language? How?
(2)Evidence – What type of evidence does each author use? Evaluate the evidence for accuracy, bias, necessity, and sufficiency.
(3)Influences – What influences had an effect on the way the authors think about the topic? If it isn’t clear, write what you think the influences might be. If necessary, you might consider doing research on the author’s background.
(4)Perception – What perception of the topic do you think each author has? How does it affect the author’s knowledge structure?


Same sex marriage, also know as gay marriage has been a controversial issue all over the world. Some Churches have come out in strong opposition of this anti-social behavior. While receiving strong opposition, some countries are going ahead and legalizing gay marriages. Though we have gay stories in the bible, the bible strongly condemns this kind of behavior. Since most of the social behaviors are guided by the bible, the issue of gay marriage is seen to be an unacceptable practice. Looking at legal rights, people argue that gays are human beings and deserve equal rights as any other person. What we need to know is that the gays have the same rights as any other person. They have a right to choose who to marry; they vitally have a right to anything that a person in the “real marriage” has. What they are trying to campaign for are “extra rights” (Thompson 2004). They want to enjoy the benefits of being married while they are not in the “real marriage” itself. For example they want to have a child while they cannot naturally conceive one. This has led to people writing on the issue and sensitizing the public with opposing and supporting views. Such people who are opposed to this idea are: Thompson Eddie and Bennett William.