TOPIC: view the movie (Room) and undertake a thoughtful review of it.
Your essay-style review should include:
i) brief synopsis of the story (50-70 wds)
ii) account of the central themes, underlying issues or
wider meaning of the film (approx. 3-400 wds)
iii) analysis of narrative structure (story blocks 3-400 wds)
iv) discussion of the film’s merits & limitations (100-150wds)


LENGTH: Approximately 1000 words (50-word tolerance either side).

DUE DATE: Monday 4 April 2016 (before 4pm)


GUIDELINES: Avoid simply writing an account of “what happened”, i.e. the story of the film, but rather refer to the central issues which the film raises and scenes or sequences which illustrate these more general points about the film and its structure and meaning. Your review should inform the reader and provide some insight into the nature of the film and its meaning in a broader perspective. Your own considered personal opinion should come through clearly, but back up your assertions with evidence from scenes and sequences.

Answer all four parts of the question (however, you do not need sub-headings). Clearly identify your film on the cover sheet or front page. Use New Zealand spelling, not American. Italicise titles. Use the present tense to describe film events. Use a wide line spacing and adequate margins to assist marking.

You might wish to make yourself familiar with reviews and commentaries such as those which appear in city and national newspapers and magazines such as the NZ Herald, the Sunday Star-Times and The Listener, although this is not necessary. For more sophisticated reviews you could consult Sight and Sound (in the library).

Room (try to watch it twice): Link:

Hail Caesar! , Room.
Where you can see these films (as of 3 March):


Hail Caesar!: Bridgeway, Victoria, Capitol, Rialto, Event, Academy

Room: Rialto



Based on the eponymous novel by Emma Donoghue, the Room is a drama film that was written by Emma Donoghue and directed by Lenny Abrahamson. It was released in 2015 in Canada and the United States. The film is about a woman who is confined for seven years in a small room, together with her 5-year old son. They finally get their freedom, and the boy experiences the real world for the first time in his life. It is a thrilling dramatization of limitations and realities of life.